Vision and Purpose

From the beginning the purpose of Nazareth Village was to help pilgrims see the Nazareth Jesus knew and hear Jesus’ words, especially the parables, with first-century ears. To do this, the planners of Nazareth Village conducted archaeological digs and consulted experts who could help peel back the 20 centuries of time, distance and culture that have often dulled and distorted our understandings.

From Dr. Nakhle Bishara

"There is a deep desire on the part of all who come to Nazareth to see Jesus. But for centuries, all they could see was dusty stones. That is why I proposed a place where visitors could see those ancient stones come to life and witness the vineyards and olive trees Jesus used to teach spiritual truth.

I am excited that this dream is now a reality. I believe Nazareth Village will be a gift of peace to the world, and also to those of us who live, work, and worship in a land torn by conflict."