Nazareth Village is located within the city of Nazareth, which was established approximately a hundred years before Christ. Since residences at the time were established near water sources, Nazareth was built around what is known today as "Mary’s Well." They used minimal space for housing in order to use the surrounding areas for agriculture. But since the Nazarene terrain is mountainous, terraces had to be constructed on which they planted vegetables and trees.

Over the course of history, Nazareth weathered many wars, and was destroyed numerous times. When Nazareth was restored it was rebuilt on top of the ruins of the previous houses. So, today, first century Nazareth lies beneath the foundations of the modern Nazareth. However, the size of Nazareth today is proof that whenever the city was destroyed it rose from the ashes stronger.

Today, Nazareth reached the population of approximately 80,000 people. The agricultural terraces are now gone and are replaced with modern houses. Modern roads and streets replaced the old narrow ones, and what once was a small quiet town is now a very busy city. The only thing that remains from the first century is the name, Nazareth.

In the middle of the business, a little village is built to bring back to life what was once considered history, or at best, a distant memory. On a hill side, on what used to be the outskirts of the first century Nazareth, Nazareth Village is built. A ten minute walk from the city center, Nazareth Village does not only restore the hill side to the vineyard it used to be, it also demonstrates the full aspect of first century life with its houses, olive press, synagogue and more.