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The Nazareth Jesus Knew Bundle (Set of 3)


The Nazareth Jesus Knew Bundle – Save now!

Product Description

The Nazareth Jesus Knew Book

The Nazareth Jesus Knew is an intimate look at the home in the world of the Man who changed the world, in beautiful photos, and delightful text by writer, Joel Kauffmann. It developed out of a decade-long project to create Nazareth Village, a first-century farm and village in the heart of Nazareth, Galilee. 

Former President Jimmy Carter, who with his wife Rosalynn is an Honorary Trustee of the Miracle of Nazareth International Foundation, says: “Jesus’ life and teachings come alive for all who witness this re-creation of first-century Nazareth.” (80 pages)

The Nazareth Jesus Knew DVD

The Nazareth Jesus Knew – Television Series – is formatted in eleven episodes, and was hosted by Pat Boone and Gary Bayer. This more than 5-hour, 3 DVD set, brings to life the parables and stories that Jesus told during his ministry here on earth. 
It’s filmed on location at the reconstructed first-century Nazareth Village in Israel featuring village staff and volunteers. It also includes a special appearance by Mariam Feinberg Vamosh, author of Food at the Time of the Bible.

And Sheep May Safely Graze CD

Gentle Melodies of Jewish and Arabic musical traditions from the Middle East.

 At the heart of Middle Eastern music is a rich, expressive spirit, which seems to carry with it a living, breathing connection to the entire history of the region. The Bible describes instruments that still have counterparts or descendants in the present day. In this selection, composed specifically for Nazareth Village, we sense a soulful poetry connected to the cultures and peoples who have kept this music alive for millennia.

Total playing time: 68 minutes, 13 seconds. 

The printed insert features the photographs of panoramas, people, and animals at the First-Century Nazareth Village.

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