Enlarge the place of your tent … do not hold back … Isaiah 54: 2

Building for the future – make your donation here

Since its opening in 2000, Nazareth Village has drawn thousands of people through its gates and we have seen visitor numbers grow to nearly 100,000 per year. To build on this success and to keep growing our ministry for future generations, we urgently need to expand the existing visitor center – a huge undertaking costing $10 Million.

A new building on currently unused Nazareth Village land is to house our new Discovery Center – large enough to accommodate the current operations, vastly improve the visitor experience and allow for expansion of new initiatives. With nearly 100,000 visitors per year, if everyone could pledge just $10 per month or give a one-off gift of $120, we would be able to start building this year.

Give TODAY and become a Nazareth Discovery Partner

When you give a donation of $120 or more, your name will be engraved in our new Discovery Center as a lasting legacy of your visit, allowing for you to come back to show your family. Your name must fit in two lines of 14 characters and your engraved name will be approximately one inch high.

You can see our Discovery Center brochure here:


The Discovery Center will include:

  • a 3-D theater
  • a lecture hall and teaching rooms
  • expanded orientation area
  • archaeological exhibit hall
  • expanded gift shop
  • meeting area
  • expanded restroom facilities
  • additional bus parking


Take a look at a 3D representation of the Nazareth Discovery Center


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