Nazareth Village to the Corners of the Earth

While originally Nazareth Village started as a place for people to learn about the first century life, one could not ignore the beauty it has to offer to movies and documentaries. Over the years, Nazareth Village has attracted many film crews, directors and producers as an accurate set for many films. In the past we had large productions for feature films such as “Amazing Love,” and “Women of the Bible.” Many major TV networks such as, BBC, NBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel and more used Nazareth Village’s authentic setting as the perfect location for many of their productions.

Since the beginning of the year we have had over 30 productions. They vary from small ones that will serve as an in-church teaching videos to full on TV and feature productions. These productions help present the Village to wide rage of audiences around the world providing exposure as well.

One of the productions that is worth mentioning was a live broadcast in Spanish called Despierta America Show on the Univision Network. This broadcast covered all of South America as well as parts of North America and Europe. The Spanish speaking hosts put on first century costumes provided by Nazareth Village and presented different scenes of the Village. Since this was an Easter and Passover themed broadcast, they also filmed our special passover meal while Amer, one of our best guides, explained about the elements of the Passover meal.

Another interesting production we had was from the Philippines. The show Biyahe Ni Drew on the GMA Network, which has over a million followers on YouTube, is very famous in the Philippines and the episode featuring Nazareth Village has over 30k views. The host of the show does adventurous activities at times and tries different kinds of food, so it made sense for us to have him ride a donkey and try our first century meal. It happened that we had a group from the Philippines having our Biblical meal at the same time and they recognised the host and took pictures with him.

The month of June has been especially busy with productions from many places and several languages. Early on, Al-Hayat, one of the leading Arabic Christian TV networks, used our site as the location for teaching that will reach Arabic, English, Farsi, and Polish speaking groups around the world.

Later, we hosted a production from Canada for three days. This was a TV5 production in French called Parconaute which visits several parks and attractions around the world and shares the experience with the viewers. This is the first production of its kind, and we expect it to share the Village with the French speaking parts of the world. We believe this will attract more French speaking visitors to Nazareth Village.

One of the productions that is very important to us is for the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. which will open in the fall of 2017. The museum is cooperating with Nazareth Village to recreate portions of the Village that will allow the museum visitors the opportunity to have a small taste of what Nazareth Village is like. Cary Summer, the president of the Museum of the Bible, is one of the people who envisioned Nazareth Village and supported it since the beginning. He says that the museum wants to encourage people to visit Nazareth Village in the Holy Land, and what will be recreated at the museum will, in no way, compete with the original; Nazareth Village. The scenes filmed for the museum at Nazareth Village will be seen in different areas of the museum itself, a constant reminder to the visitors that they need to come and see!

We are ever so thankful for our talented staff who not only work hard to keep the Village accurate in every possible way, but also are welcoming and helpful in making even the simplest of productions outstanding!

(Written by Majd Shufani – Guide at Nazareth Village)


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