Learning First Hand

For many years now, Dr. Linford Stutzman has been religiously bringing groups of his Eastern Mennonite Seminary (EMS) students to Nazareth Village. Over the years he developed a unique educational plan designed specifically to be carried out at Nazareth Village. The idea is to have the students in the class room, but also experience being a first century Villager first hand.

Dr. Stutzman brought a group of his students this past April. The students split in half: half stayed in class in the hall at Nazareth Village, and the other half dressed up in first century costumes and experienced the life of the first century. They would alternate roles depending on the assignments for each day. This year we had a project for them to help us out with, which is fixing the roof of our landlord’s house. Normally, and especially during the busy season, it takes a long time to fix such a roof. But with the help of the student volunteers we were able to get that roof fixed within a few days only.

Below, Dr. Linford Stutzman talks about Nazareth Village as a unique learning experience.

(Written by Majd Shufani – Guide at Nazareth Village)

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