A Story of a Love Displayed

Since its opening, Nazareth Village understood its important role as a ministry to the locals. While most of the visitors are pilgrims from around the world, Nazareth Village’s aim is to be a beacon of light to those who live in the Holy Land as well. The stories of miracles told here reach beyond those mentioned in the Bible, proof that the Lord is indeed the same yesterday, today and forevermore. This Easter and Passover season, we prayed for God’s guiding hand to lead us through a season of love-driven redemption; a gospel for all.

The best story that can be told in the home town of Jesus is the story of Jesus. And there are many ways to tell a story, but no matter how we tell it, truth is at the centre of it. We invited people to come to Nazareth Village on the social media, and the response of excitement we received was overwhelming. People were sharing our invitation with their friends, many others were asking each other if they know about the place and arranging to arrive. Those who arrived received a special price as well as a wonderful experience.

In addition to locals, schools in the area of Nazareth became familiar with the excellence of special programs Nazareth Village provides. Several local schools came for a special Easter tour, which was designed in an interactive way giving every pupil the chance to participate in the story. They were gathered on the sides of one of the paths holding palm branches, as one of the chosen pupils to play Jesus passed through riding on the donkey. Then they gather in the synagogue for the scene of the trial of Jesus. Then, carrying the cross, the pupil portraying Jesus walks through the paths of the Village. At one point, the Roman soldier leading Jesus ordered a passerby, Simon of Cyrene, to carry the cross to the crucifixion scene. Then, everyone gathers at the tomb where an angel appears telling of the good news of the resurrection of Jesus.

All throughout the special program, the Villagers sang Easter songs with the school children. Scripture was also read in various places to teach about God’s saving love from the Bible. Many teachers expressed their gratitude for sharing the true meaning of Easter with the children, and they were very happy with the experience they enjoyed.

We were also approached by a local church asking to use our facilities for an Easter themed evangelistic event. The synagogue was made available for them, as it could seat the most people, at the same time providing an ever-so-fitting setting. People were invited to the event, and we saw many from different backgrounds come to hear the Gospel for the first time in their life. We are so humbled to have had the small role that we played in making this event successful giving all glory to God.

(Written by Majd Shufani – Guide at Nazareth Village)