A Special Christmas Celebration

Last year was filled with blessings and surprises against all odds. While we were dealing with the effects of several unfortunate events in the country we decided to do something that gives people hope, especially in the Christmas time. For the first time in years we held a Christmas program, but we wanted to do it differently. This year we wanted people to stay at the Village, talk, sing carols together, and eat together! We wanted a nostalgic Christmas experience for the whole family, one that is truly holds the Christmas spirit, and most importantly, one that has Jesus at the centre.

The experience was designed in a way that allows families to walk around from one station to another at their convenience. Children could ride donkeys, create Christmas crafts and watch our special children’s film, “Growing Up With Jesus.” The King’s Kids also performed interpretive dances to Christmas songs, and a storyteller engaged the listeners as he told the Nativity story and how Jesus the King was born in a manger. A Roman soldier walked around announcing the beginning of the carol singing time, as well as the arrival of Joseph and Mary into the sheep’s pin where people could get their picture made with them. And people enjoyed a unique variety of foods in a a warm and cosy setting. To take the experience one step closer to the first century, people exchanged their money with the “Widow’s Mite,” which was used in order to participate in certain activities.

Over the course of two nights we had over 700 visitors, mostly locals as well as tourist. The feedback was very positive so much so we were asked if we could do it for one more night. “You made us feel the real meaning of Christmas” was the most frequent comment we heard throughout the program.

(Written by Majd Shufani – Guide at Nazareth Village)

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