Research Questions


  • What was the size and character of Nazareth at the time of Jesus?
  • How did 1st Century Galilean villages vary and most important, what fundamental patterns could be recognized?
  • What was the spatial evolution of such a village, and how would this reflect local topography, access to roads, fields?
  • How were water resources used? Water storage and distribution were highly significant for village siting and evolution.
  • What were the main installations for agricultural production, storage, drainage, communal and ceremonial spaces, security (people, animals), tombs?


  • What structural typologies/ variations existed and how did they evolve over time?
  • What was the exterior and interior spatial distribution of each building?
  • What were the general plans, dimensions, and construction techniques for each type?
  • What were the construction materials and techniques?
  • What were the interior arrangements and use of space for storage, cooking, sleeping, heating, lighting, security, sanitation, etc.


Research Questions – Mark Goodman