New Babyborn Sheep

How many surprises can one receive in one week? For us it was seven, plus!

We knew that some of our sheep were pregnant, and it was about time they gave birth. First it was our black sheep, which was born here at the Village, and now it’s a mother! By the end of the same week we had seven new babyborn sheep all together. We did not expect them all to arrive in the same week. But the “plus” part was that we had only four pregnant sheep. Need help with the math? That means that three of the four pregnant sheep gave birth to twins!

As the number of sheep grew it means that we need more food for them. They are the cutest thing ever, and we thought we’d share some pictures with you.

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A picture of a baby sheep at Nazareth Village

Baby sheep at Nazareth Village


A baby sheep drinking milk from its mother

Baby sheep eating


A newborn baby sheep standing next to its mother

Staying close to mother


A baby sheep lying down