Children learn about Jesus

Every year thousands of school children come to tour the village. Over 80 percent of these are Muslim. This year they have a new treat: a children’s movie made at Nazareth Village called “Growing Up with Jesus”. In this short film a time-traveling donkey named “Mozi” tells the story of Jesus through animated and real footage. For the Muslim school children it is often the first time they have ever heard of Nazareth’s most famous citizen. Mozi is a big hit and the children laugh with delight at the donkeys antics. They then experience the same childhood activities that they see in the film such as riding the donkeys, feeding the sheep, weaving the wool and playing games. One of the children’s favorite Village characters is our rooster that thinks he is a sheep.

School children watching “Growing Up with Jesus” starring Mozi the donkey

School children watching "Growing Up With Jesus" children's film at Nazareth Village.

School children watching “Growing Up With Jesus” children’s film at Nazareth Village


“Deek“ which means “rooster” in Arabic actually believes that he is part of the sheep family. He sleeps with the sheep, “head butts” the ram and ewes to fight over food, and leads the herd to and from the pen morning and evening. He keeps them punctual flouncing at the head of the line while the shepherd instructs them from behind. This week was daylight savings time and Deek did not acknowledge it. While the sheep stayed with their shepherd, waiting for his command, Deek stomped back to the pen to sulk in isolation crowing uselessly for one hour before the shepherd brought the sheep!

How often we think we know better than our shepherd!

(Written by Majd Shufani – Guide at Nazareth Village)



Children learn about Jesus